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Who we are:

Angel Light Pyrotechnics is a local family owned & operated business operating with integrity. We started with a true passion for the fireworks industry - that has now carried over into our daily business. Our shows implement unique effects never before seen and extra time is taken for spectacular choreography. We are devoted to perform the most unique, intense, glamorous, and spectacular displays in Colorado. We accomplish this by applying today’s modern technology to the ancient art of fireworks, creating instant memories that last a life time.

Our Consulting Services are recommended by The Colorado Division of Fire Safety.


Angel Light Pyrotechnics has come to symbolize flawless safety, reliability and exact performance through training, experience, quality and attention to detail.

We have exclusively designed controllers and firing devices used to choreograph every second of the the show making every show one of a kind anywhere.

We only use safety tested equipment that exceed National Fire Protection Association codes and standards.

Through precise research, development and slow motion videography, we inspect and design our equipment to specific tolerances. We then apply this to a controlled atmosphere creating your desired effect.

Please take some time to look through these pages and see what we have to offer you. If you have any questions at all about our services do not hesitate to call us.

The Owners

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